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AI Tax Calculator to
Maximise Your
Tax Return

Australia's first tax return 

and tax deduction maximiser App powered by AI.

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TaxFox Dashboard

Watch your tax refund grow with every claim

Calculate your taxes the same way as your accountant and track it on a simple dashboard.


Are you paying more tax than you need to? 


The tax calculator shows you how much extra tax refund you could get by claiming the right deductions.

TaxFox Bank Link

Connect your Bank

Link any Australian bank account to get a list of all your transactions

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Get smarter with your taxes with 

the AI tax refund finder

The AI will sort out your accounting faster than your tax agent.

Car Mileage Tracker

We're thrilled to announce the release of TaxFox's car mileage update - a significant update designed to supercharge your tax returns and simplify your journey to maximum deductions!

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TaxFox Car Mileage

Effortlessly transform your device into a digital logbook for seamless mileage tracking.

Digital Vehicle Logbook

Let TaxFox automatically calculate your potential refund based on the distance you've traveled.

Auto-Calculated Tax Refunds by Distance

Receive a detailed analysis of your potential tax refund for each trip.

Trip-Specific Refund Breakdowns

Export professional tax reports in PDF format to showcase your digital logbook, distances covered, and potential deductions.

Generate Sleek Trip Reports

Save time, save money, lodge with confidence

Being well prepared means you save on accounting costs, time and get more tax refund!

How do you file your taxes?

Method 1 Lodge Yourself
Method 2 Lodge Tax Agent

Lodge your own Tax Return

Access the ATO My Tax portal through the app to file your own taxes

File your taxes using an accountant

Easily export all your tax info and receipts to send to your tax agent.

Save yourself the the mad rush during tax time
Difference with taxfox and without taxfox
Save yourself the the mad rush during tax time
With and without TaxFox Comparison Chart

Action items in your inbox guides you step by step to have all your taxes sorted.

Get prompts on what else you can do to maximise your tax refund.

Be alerted when the AI finds possible tax deductions that you can claim.

Take back control of your taxes

With the TaxReady Inbox as your guiding light.

Store your receipts digitally as a photo

Save or share directly from your mobile

Share zipped PDF files of receipts (.ZIP)

Download receipts and summary to Google Drive

Say goodbye to physical receipts and spreadsheets

Say hello to digital receipts

Store Receipts on TaxFox App
Download TaxFox on the App Store
Get TaxFox on Google Play

Never lose a receipt, ever again.


Whether you change your device or lose your phone, all your deductions data will be securely stored on the cloud protected by bank-level security.

Have you lost your data on the ATO myDeductions app?


estimated to be unclaimed yearly and growing


Aussies feel like they have forgotten to claim a deduction they’re eligible for


in deductions were missed, just in deductible donations


of individuals are not claiming deductions for donations they made

Chances are, you’re missing out
on eligible tax refunds every year

Australians are missing out on billions of dollars of tax refund every year. Are you one of them?

Have you ever wondered...
  • What kind of deductions can I claim for my job?

  • How much can I claim in each deduction category?

  • How much tax refund will I get this year when I do my tax?

Log work from home and WFH expenses

Working from home means you may have expenses you can claim a deduction for at tax time. 


The TaxFox App WFH log book feature makes it easy to record hours and deductible expense receipts to calculate how much you will save on taxes.

TaxFox WFH Log Book
TaxFox office work expenses

Get Smart tax tips to see what expenses you can and can’t claim for your job

Get a checklist of what you can claim based on your job

Compare average deductions claimed by others in your occupation

Stop missing out on tax refunds 

that you’re legally entitled to

TaxFox Expense Calculator

Get your tax refund early

Complying with the Australian Tax Office (ATO) rules 

has never been easier with the TaxFox Mobile Tax App.

With enhanced app features the ATO guidelines are easy to follow.

ATO Rules and TaxFox features
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