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How to delete your TaxFox account

To delete your account on TaxFox, please follow these steps:

1. Login to your TaxFox account on the Taxapp

Open theTaxFox App and login using the account you wish to delete. Please ensure to use the correct login method as you may have different accounts for each login method.

2. Open the main menu to access "Help & Feedback"

Access the main menu by tapping the button with lines on the top left of the screen, then tap the menu item titled "Help & Feedback

3. Select "Delete Account"

Tap "Delete Account" where you will be informed what deleting your account will do. Tap "Proceed to delete" which will prompt you for a final confirmation.

4. Confirm account deletion

Tap "Delete account and all data" which will confirm deletion of your account and irreversibly erase all your account data.

Warning: you cannot recover deleted accounts or any data associated with that account

You can create a new account again with TaxFox whether it is using the same login method or a new pone, however, this will not have any of your old data as that data will be permanently deleted.

Account Deletion FAQs

  • Yes, deleting your account will remove all the data associated with it, including your profile information, preferences, saved content, and any other data linked to your account. However, some information may be retained for legal purposes, such as the date of when an account was deleted.

  • No, once you've confirmed the deletion of your account, it's irreversible. Consider backing up any important data before proceeding with the deletion.

  • Unfortunately, once an account is deleted, it's usually recoverable. Please ensure you want to proceed before confirming the deletion.

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