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Claim Car Trips with TaxFox: Secure and Confidential

In today's fast-paced world, keeping track of work-related car trips can be a hassle, but it is crucial for maximising your tax deductions. TaxFox makes this process easy and secure, adhering to Australian banking standards and laws, and ensuring that your data is always safe, private, and confidential.

Claim Car Trips

With TaxFox, logging and claiming your work-related car trips has never been simpler. The app's Car Mileage Tracker and Digital Vehicle Logbook are designed to streamline the tracking process, allowing you to focus on your work while TaxFox takes care of your mileage records.

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Why Track Your Car Trips?

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) allows you to claim deductions for car expenses if you use your vehicle for work purposes. Accurate records of your car trips can significantly boost your tax refund by ensuring you claim every eligible kilometre.

How TaxFox Helps:

  1. Easy Trip Logging: TaxFox provides an intuitive interface for recording your work-related car trips. Simply log your trips as you go, and the app will keep track of the distances traveled and the potential deductions.

  2. Automatic Calculations: The app automatically calculates your potential tax refunds based on the distances logged, giving you an estimate of the refund you can expect from your car mileage deductions.

  3. Trip-Specific Refund Breakdowns: Receive detailed analysis for each logged trip, helping you understand and track your deductible expenses related to travel.

  4. Generate Sleek Trip Reports: Export professional tax reports in PDF format that include your digital logbook, distances traveled, and potential deductions. This makes claiming these deductions during tax filing seamless.

Security and Privacy 

TaxFox adheres to Australian banking standards and laws, ensuring that your data is secure, private, and confidential. The app uses bank-grade security measures to protect your information, giving you peace of mind.

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TaxFox offers a range of plans to suit different needs:

BASIC (Free):

  • Save up to 15 trips for work vehicle.

  • Save up to $1,000 worth of deductions.

  • Ideal for anyone needing basic tracking for occasional work trips.

SMART ($8/month, billed annually):

  • Save up to 60 trips for work vehicle.

  • Save up to $2,000 worth of deductions.

  • Ideal for employees with frequent work-related car trips.

GENIUS ($13/month, billed annually):

  • Save unlimited trips for work vehicle.

  • Save unlimited value of deductions.

  • Ideal for employees with extensive travel requirements or those who use their vehicle for work regularly.

Try TaxFox Today!

Don't miss out on valuable car trip deductions this tax season. With TaxFox, tracking your work-related car trips and maximising your tax refund is secure and easy. Download TaxFox today on Android or iOS, and start seeing your tax refund grow as you claim your car trips. For more information, visit or follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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