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Claim Work From Home Days with TaxFox

With the rise of flexible working arrangements, many Australians are now working from home, leading to potential tax deductions that can significantly boost your refund. TaxFox makes it easy to track your work-from-home (WFH) hours and maximise these deductions effortlessly.

Tax App

Claim Work From Home Days:

 Easily track your work-from-home hours with TaxFox. The app provides a straightforward interface for logging the days you work from home. As you record more days, you'll see your estimated tax refund grow in real-time, ensuring you claim every eligible deduction.

Why Track Your Work From Home Hours? 

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) allows you to claim deductions for the additional expenses you incur while working from home. This includes costs for electricity, internet, and office supplies. However, to maximise these deductions, it's essential to keep accurate records of your WFH days.

How TaxFox the Tax App Helps:

  1. User-Friendly Tracking: Log your work-from-home hours quickly and easily. The app's intuitive design ensures you can record your hours with just a few taps.

  2. Real-Time Refund Growth: Watch your tax refund estimate increase as you add more WFH days. This real-time tracking motivates you to maintain accurate records throughout the year.

  3. Comprehensive Reporting: TaxFox provides detailed reports of your WFH hours, making it simple to compile the necessary documentation for your tax return. These reports are ready to be exported directly to your tax agent or the ATO's myTax system.

  4. Maximise Deductions: By keeping precise records, you can ensure you're claiming the maximum allowable deductions for your home office expenses. This can significantly boost your tax refund, putting more money back in your pocket.

Tax App

TaxFox offers a range of plans to suit different needs:

BASIC (Free):

  • Log up to 20 work-from-home days.

  • Save up to $1,000 worth of deductions.

  • Ideal for anyone working from home less than 1 month in the year.

SMART ($8/month, billed annually):

  • Log up to 80 work-from-home days.

  • Save up to $2,000 worth of deductions.

  • Ideal for employees working from home at least 1 day per week.

GENIUS ($13/month, billed annually):

  • Log unlimited work-from-home days.

  • Save unlimited value of deductions.

  • Ideal for employees with a home office or working from home more than 1 day per week.

Try TaxFox Today!

Don't miss out on valuable work-from-home deductions this tax season. With TaxFox, tracking your WFH hours and maximising your tax refund has never been easier. Download TaxFox today on Android or iOS, and start seeing your tax refund grow as you add more work-from-home days.


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